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VRC Claims Mission Statement

Here at VRC Claims, our stated mission is to set new industry goals of transparency, while assisting clients who have been deceived by unethical sales people. VRC Claims are assisting timeshare owners like yourselves into relinquishing their timeshares and all responsibilities of future maintenance fees. We will successfully null and void the timeshare contracts. Not only will this save you money, it will also allow you to walk away from the years of stress that may have come with it.

Depending on when, where and how you purchased, you may be eligible to submit a claim to recover back the money that you have spent!

Do you match any of the following?

VRC claims

Increasing Maintenance Fees

Are your maintenance fees increasing way above inflation? Were you fully explained that your fees would increase so much?

VRC claims

Failed to Sell

Have you tried to sell through various resale tactics but received little or no interest? Were you sold this as an investment?

VRC claims

No Availability

Were you promised flexibility when you purchased but now find yourself unable to make use of your timeshare?

Our goal is to exceed your expectations!!

The services that we provide in terminating timeshare contracts are all arranged over the telephone with no travelling involved. We proudly stand by our strict code of conduct in treating our clients with the upmost respect that they deserve with 100% honesty! We are transparent, trustworthy and passionate about what we do.

With more than 30 employees speaking 14 languages, we can assist thousands of customers across the continent.

Speak to a specialist and find out if you can terminate your contract or submit a claim!