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Effective Claims from Supreme Court Rulings

The highest court in Spain has decided that different provisos inside timeshare contracts are not conforming to the law and timeshare owners would now be able to exit from their timeshare obligations. Owners’ agreements are being pronounced invalid and void, allowing them rights to claim and being granted significant refunds!

Lately, the successes for timeshare owners against their hotels in Spain are rising, on account of the Spanish Supreme Court decisions.

The principle wins between timeshare owners and their resort hotels, that have happened since the Spanish Supreme Court decisions are where timeshare contracts have been proclaimed invalid and void. For an agreement to be invalid and void it must have the following conditions; the client purchased in perpetuity, that it contains floating weeks and if any money was paid before or during the 14-day cooling-off period. The Supreme Courts have also declared void such contracts that have been poorly drafted, contracts with lack of clarity as well as victories due to linked loan agreements.

The Spanish Supreme Courts have deemed contracts with this content unlawful and therefore these contracts can be cancelled as null and void. Not only can you get your contract annulled but you may also be able to get ALL your money back! Technically you are entitled to claim double the amount of any payments that you made within three months of signing your contract, including any maintenance fees.

A short guide to Spanish Timeshare Law: For sometime timeshare owners with illegal Spanish contracts have a clear path to get their contracts annulled and their money back. The Supreme Court decided that any timeshare contract signed in Spain after January 4, 1999, that contains floating weeks or an undefined period is null and void. If a contract is void, then all the money paid must be returned. The 1998 law stated that timeshare companies have to give back double any amount they took as a deposit or payment made within 14 days. Many timeshare owners who that paid a deposit are entitled to much more money than they paid for their timeshare.

VRCClaims has processed a multitude of inquiries in the last five months alone, as increasing numbers of people realize that they may be eligible for compensation as a result of selling practices that have now been deemed illegal by the Spanish Supreme Court Rulings.

Courts in Spain have taken a proactive role in ruling on illegal selling practices, and it is owners around the world who are benefiting.

VRCClaims exit timeshare owners from timeshare resorts, timeshare properties, and timeshare clubs. This includes fractional shares, points systems, escritura contracts, deeded timeshare property, and any club systems.

We can help our clients thanks to the Supreme Court rulings. If you would like us to help you then Click below for your NO OBLIGATION chat with our friendly counsellors.

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