Viking Real-estate.com offer legal support and legal information to all timeshare owners

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Viking Real-estate offer legal support and legal information to all timeshare owners.

The minute that you sign up to our timeshare cancellation service you will be given a reference number and a point of contact to track your progress.

Note: you may still be responsible for any loans or private finance arrangements that you may have taken out in order to purchase your timeshare. Please contact us for further advice if this is the case.

We will help you to exit your timeshare contract. By “exit” we mean one of two things, either:

  1. To achieve an agreement with your timeshare resort under which your timeshare contract is terminated on terms which you can agree to;


  1. Your contract is declared null and void by the Spanish courts.

Important: We can not ensure that an exit will be accomplished. This will depend, in addition to other matters, on whether there are legitimate grounds to end the timeshare contract.

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