No availability at timeshare resorts?

availability at timeshare resorts

A bit of paradise just for the elite!

Many people were sold holiday products as an exclusive membership offering plenty of availability at timeshare resorts. However, in reality this was not the case. Once timeshare resorts sold out of every week number available they created a new product, floating weeks! This is essentially what ruined the industry. With no set week numbers they could sell more timeshares than were available.

They came in all different names, Red, Gold, Platinum, High and so on. These were the weeks that got you the best time of year and supposedly allowed you to travel when ever you wanted. In reality, the majority of timeshare owners all purchased the busiest weeks causing a shortage of apartments during the high season than there were demand for. With no availability at their home resort, this forced people to enter into exchange programmes such as RCI and Interval International. This came with more fees and more products for the resorts to sell. Now it is hard to find availability at any of the destinations advertised in the exchange networks. Some come with waiting lists of more than 12 months!

Now bookable on hotel booking sites for less!

The timeshare industry started to pick up a bad reputation, becoming more known in Europe linked to scam and fraudulent activity. With a decline in timeshare purchases the resorts began advertising on hotel booking sites to bring in extra cash flow. Accommodation is now being rented for less than the average resort maintenance fees and with no up front purchase price.

Low availability at timeshare resorts

The Mirror reported how customers of Diamond Resorts saw their annual fees jump from £288 to £702. With promises that customers would receive multiple holidays and at resorts of their choice. This never materialised. "We were told when we bought the points that we would get two weeks anywhere. We have only ever managed to get one week and never where we wanted."

Read full article for more information www.mirror.co.uk/opinion/money-opinion/p-s-investigates/diamond-resorts-sends-in-debt-collectors

Selling timeshare based on exclusivity is one of the reasons it can be classed as a mis-sold product. Our aim is to prove that you were mis-sold your timeshare. Once we have successfully achieved this, we will null and void your contract. There are also a few factors in which you could qualify for submitting a claim to recover back the money that you have spent.

If you are struggling to get availability at timeshare resorts, contact us now to find out if you have been mis-sold your timeshare!

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