Timeshare Compensation Claims, who can claim?

timeshare compensation claims

In 2015 the Spanish Supreme Court ruled in favour of the consumer giving rights over mis-sold timeshares. You may be eligible to submit timeshare compensation claims through the Spanish courts if you feel that you have been mis-informed when making your purchase. You may also be eligible if illegal contracts had been used. Being mis-informed can include, but are not limited to, feeling pressurised to make a purchase, sold as an investment or sold as an exclusive product.

How to file for a timeshare compensation claim

Prior to submitting a claim, you must make sure that you fit the correct criterion. Every contract is completely different as are the illegalities within the contracts.

You can check the most common illegalities in timeshare contracts on the following link www.vrcclaims.com/common-illegalities-in-timeshare-contracts

However, there are many hidden terms within contracts that could pave the way for you to successfully submit a claim.

Does it cost to submit compensation a claim?

In many cases, fees are paid only after a successful claim has been paid out, however this depends on the complexity of your situation. Costs will also vary case by case. Speak to a specialist today with no obligation to find out if you are eligible for timeshare compensation claims and if/what costs would be involved.

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