Viking Real Estates & Consultants (VRC Claims)

We take our data protection seriously 

Viking Real Estates / VRC Claims are proud to advise that since its infancy in 2019, it has legally complied with all GDPR criteria. GDPR has a variety of levels. The highest levels are reserved for banks and doctors. Viking Real Estates and most Marketing companies have a mid range level and although it is not engaged in the processing of personal data, it ensures that the company and all of its associates comply with the regulation.

What is GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation, better known as the GDPR is a European Union legal instrument ensuring the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data. It initially entered into force on 25 May 2016 and is legally binding to all member states of the European Union including the United Kingdom.

Viking Real Estates (VRC Claims) are based in Europe

The GDPR states that companies and others who deal with personal data can be based outside the EU but, when they process personal data of EU citizens or residents, they are expected to organise their activities in line with the GDPR. It is for this reason that despite Viking Real Estates & Consultants being based in Spain, it takes this point very seriously and ensures that any clients they have contacted have OPTED in directly or via a shared 3rd party legal agreement.

The GDPR regulation is extremely complex and has many requirements and Viking Real Estates / VRC Claims adheres to all of its requirements.

How Viking Real Estates / VRC Claims stores personal data

It ensures that client data is protected and stored correctly with the latest technology.

It regularly reviews the current data-related policies and procedures, including encryption, remote access, mobile devices, sensitive information, HR exit procedures, third parties and data breach notifications.

It employs a third-party data security company to carry out an objective assessment on a regular basis and a designated data protection officer.

Training with Viking

It ensures all staff have the right training and awareness and that any internal teams communicate with each other to maintain data protection, such as IT, Security, Legal and Compliance teams

More importantly it takes the welfare of its clients very seriously and ensures that should there be any form of complaint, it is dealt with immediately to the satisfaction of the client and removed from any further contact if requested.

Vikings team of Lawyers and Notaries have worked hard to ensure every client is respected and protected and that all staff are fully dedicated and transparent.

Negative publicity

Staff such as Melanie Hill melanie@vrcclaims.com …….www.vikingrealestaes.esare proud to offer a complimentary call to provide information and details to clients who in the last few years have been saddled with debts for ownerships they no longer wish to have.

Naturally, as is always the case, many resorts and clubs are unhappy that any company advises clients of how to exit an unwanted ownership. They are dependant on retention of members. Travel and Real estate have changed over the years and as one part of its real estate business, VRC Claims can assist and advise clients of how to relinquish their ownerships with complimentary consultations.

Viking / VRC Claims works with third parties

Viking / VRC Claims is proud to work with third parties and companies from Real estate agencies, to restaurants and excursion offices and a great many large well known branded resorts and hotels..

Viking has nothing to hide. It is a Spanish registered company with a central office in Palm Beach Club and it complies with every single requirement of the GDPR.

Occasionally Viking has come across clients who sometimes forget they have opted in to a promotion. A scenario easily done when people are bombarded with accepting cookies just on a website but it genuinely would never seek to offend or cause distress.

What does Viking do?

Viking is there to promote and sell property and real estate and is more than happy to advise clients who no longer wish to own a property or partial ownership.